My writing classes

I haven’t been to a writing class since the summer of 2017, where I attended Irene Perdersen’s class: Write a book in a week. Very informative and I did write allmost half of my new book. But I need to go back to London and attend classes again.

From 2010 to 2011I  attended courses for children’s writing at CityLit in London with authors Lou Kuenzler and Josh Lacey, as well as scriptwriting courses with scriptwriters Phil O’Shea and Guy Meredith.

I am currently revising the film script of my story, Bachri: The Journey to the Cows’ Land.

In 2009 I stayed at the Residential Grant House, Gammel Have on the island of Fyn, finishing the translation of Bachri to English

In 2006 I moved to London for ½ year and attended writing courses at CityLit with Martine Evans, as well as journalism courses at the Mary Ward Centre.

In the spring of 2006 I attended the Hemmingway School in Copenhagen taught by Danish children’s author,Irene Pedersen.

I have attended several of the courses, taught by Danish writer Bente Clod.

I have always carried a notebook and mostly written poems and reflections. I’ve had things published in anthologies.

One day in Varanassi a story started wanting to be told. I wrote a small children’s book and have revised and revised it since then, after having first re-written it in English.