About me



Born 1941 during German occupation of Denmark.
I have 3 children: David, Perle and Daniel

2013 – 2017
My first book, Bachri, was published in English in January 2013 by Kieran O’Mahony, Educare Press in Seattle. Very exciting. In May 2014 it was published in Danish by Fuzzy Press, editor Lise Muusmann.

I  am revising my new book That was the Night and hope to get it published soon. It is a beautiful story about a girl with psychic abilities who encounters a ghost in class, Ursula. The ghost turns out to be a Jewish refugee who did not make it to Sweden with the rest of the Danish Jews in October 1943. Ursula got locked into a cupboard by accident and only now finds out she is dead.

Apart from writing I have been traveling as usual, visiting my wonderful friends all over the world in connection with attending events with Prem Rawat.

2012 – 2013
September + October:

busy working with the book. My niece Anja has made the beautiful drawings.
August – September: Held writer’s retreat at my family’s summerhouses. 4 people came from London.
July: Met Kieran in London. He will publish my children’s book about the calf in India.
Jan – April: writing for children workshop at City Lit with Penny Kendal as well as a writer’s workshop at Mary Ward Center.

2011 – 2012
Workshops at CityLit, London with Penny Kendall and Neil Arksey, as well as screenwriting workshop with Mike Harris.
Travelled to Australia for a month

2010 -2011
I attended courses for children’s writing at CityLit in London with authors Lou Kuenzler and Josh Lacey, as well as scriptwriting courses with scriptwriters Phil O’Shea and Guy Meredith.
I learned the Reconnection Healing, which is far out.

I moved away from my house to a flat in Elsinore (where Hamlet was born. The castle is still there!)

Co-exhibited with artist, Birthe Bo Sakurai, i.e. I worte stories to her pictures.

2006 – 2007
I attended writing courses with author Martine Evans at CityLit, London, as well as workshops and travelling journalists courses at Mary Ward Center, London.

1999 – 2007
Several writing courses with Danish authors, Bente Clod and Irene Pedersen.

Courses in Giraffe Language (Non Violent Communication)
I was member of a “Giraffe group” for 4 years.

I quit my job (I actually had a job for 2 years as an executive secretary in Novo Nordisk) and went travelling to Australia and India.

Since then I have often spent ½ year in India and half in Denmark.

1999 –
Courses in cranio – sacral therapy

1986- 2006
Simultaneous translation at large events round the world from English to Danish.

1990 – 1992
I started learning computer science, which I suck at and stopped again after 1½ year.

In the meantime I had bought – together with my then – boyfriend – a small house in an unusual area of Copenhagen, where the council owned the land, and the people owned their houses and built them anyhow they wanted to. We bought a wreck. During the past 17 years I have more or less built a new house with my own hands and with the help of beautiful friends.
When I moved to the house Doug moved into the flat and took care of Daniel, who was then 17.
Things didn’t work out with my boyfriend, but I stayed in the house.

1989 – 1990
Worked at IWGIA (international Work Group for Indigenous Affairs)

I travelled round the States for 8 months with Daniel my youngest son, when he was 14. We saw everything we wanted: The volcano Mauna Loa on Hawaii where we stayed with jugglers, as my son was a uni cycle artist (member of the only Uni cycle circus in Denmark), staying with Native Americans at Rosebud reservation, being there at at Pow-wow, listening to fabulous jazz in New Orleans, staying with a lot of NGO’s, having a ball.
Coming home we had to find a place to live, as we had given up the rented flat and sold everything to finance the trip.

Various courses in gestalt therapy.

1988 – 1990
Got a degree in foot reflexology. I don’t earn much money from it, but I like it.

1987 – 1988
Translated and texted films from English to Danish.

1986 – 1988
Various temporary work as a correspondent.

For the umpteenth time Doug and I tried to live together. We bought a house near the sea north of Copenhagen. It was a beautiful house. I had temporary jobs.

1982 – 1985
BA in English and Italian from the Copenhagen Business School.

1979 – 1982
Various short term office jobs.

1976- 1978
Studied social pedagogy.

1973- 1976
Lived on a small farm in Jutland growing bio-dynamic vegetables. My 3rd child, -Daniel was born in 1974.

I studied to become a teacher in Kristiansand in Norway. It was the shortest education I could find.
Circumstances stepped in and I returned to Copenhagen, found a small flat, met some crazy people who had a guru. Went to England to see Prem Rawat and ended up with Knowledge. The best thing I ever did in my life.

1968 -1970
Having returned to Denmark and met up with a beautiful Scott , Doug whom I’d met on Juhu Beach in Bombay I had my second child, a daughter, Perle,  in 1969.
We were part of the “scene” and had a beautiful life.
Went to Marocco when she was 1½ and learned to walk with her tied to my back.

1966- 1968
Travelled around northern India.

Left my son behind with his father, and went to India over land, through Turkey, Persia (Iran), Afghanistan and flew from Kabul to Amritsar in India.

1964- 1966
Lived and worked in Denmark. Had my first son, David, in 1965.

1959 – 1964
Lived and worked in London. Moved in with Allan who later became the father of my first born son. Worked in different offices as secretary.

Finished High School (classic line: Greek and Latin). Worked as au pair in London for a year.

My father died. My sister, Åse, was born.

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