Finally my new book is out in English: It was that night. With front cover by Anja Barfod Thorbek.

“I will never forget that Night. Never. The fear cuts like icicles into my skin. I feel nauseaus. We stand on the beach. Some have already begun wading out to the rowing boats.

The alarm sounds: “Gestapo-Lund is here.”

We are quickly shepherded back to the school. We are back at the attic again. Every single one of us. We escaped the Germans. I hear German boots trampling the streets. How many knots can a stocmach have?”

13-year old Claire hates growing up as a psychic. At the time when you are busy growing into an adult she is spun into a story with threads running back to the Danish occupation by the Germans. One day in school she sees a ghost who turns out to be a Jewish girl who did not make it across to Sweden in 1943.

What began in 1943 is now concluded in 1983 with a very reluctant Claire who only wishes for one thing: To be normal.

The book addresses every one over 12 years of age. And is relevant for everybody.